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Simple and easy to use LinkedIn Automation Tool.

Fiyole is a chrome extension, that allows you to automate your LinkedIn operations. Check out the video to see how you can start using the tool.

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Connect 2nd Contacts

It's now easier to reach your potential customers on the world's largest professional network.

Fiyole lets you send automated connection requests, with personalized messages within minutes. It works seamlessly whether you have Sales Navigator or not. Grow your professional network and find your prospect clients, faster!

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Connect via Sales Navigator

Build And Expand Your Network.

Fiyole lets you automate connection requests in LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. Now it's all the more easy to get connected and expand your network.

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Message 1st Contacts

Effortlessly engage with right contacts on LinkedIn.

With Fiyole, you can automate sending personalized messages to all your contacts, saving you loads of time and effort. Using Fiyole, stay engaged with your contacts on an everyday basis, which could be otherwise be a time-consuming task!

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Message Recent Contacts

Engage with your recently added contacts.

With Fiyole, you can send personalized messages to your contacts, who were added recently, helping you to engage with your new contacts. Fiyole helps you to make the most of your recently added network of people.

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Auto Profile Visit

Quickly visit hundreds of profiles on LinkedIn and increase your profile awareness

The "Who's Viewed Your Profile" section on is quite literally a treasure trove of people waiting to blossom into full-blown connections. To make your potential clients know about your offerings, you can do hundreds of profile visits automatically using Fiyole !

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Endorse Contacts

Endorse top 3 skills for your contacts within minutes.

Skill endorsements are an awesome way to recognize your contacts' skills and gain followers. Endorsements make it easy to put in a positive word for connections and Fiyole makes is super easy for you!

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Extract Profiles

Build Targeted Mailing List

Fiyole helps you to extract LinkedIn Profile details into CSV format. Segment and target your audience with least effort. Save time and drive revenue by sending the right email, to the right person at the right time !

Install Fiyole on Chrome

Manage Messages

Save time by using Message Templates

Fiyole lets you save loads of time, by allowing you to have message templates. You can save up to 4 messages and use them in any of your LinkedIn messages. And shortcodes make writing messages super easy for you!

Install Fiyole on Chrome

My Signature

Automatically add your signature to messages

Leave a lasting impression with a professional signature to your messages. Adding your company and contact details in your signature will help your communication with your audience !

Install Fiyole on Chrome